Everything You Need to Know For Planning A Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings strike to become more popular among the couple who are eager to say, “Yes I DO” or who are yet to tie a knot. These weddings offer couples an affordable option for the bigger anticipated day and also offer far better value for their money.

Dream Wedding Planning

Destination weddings also offer couples a chance to experiment with different themes, a higher standard value and ceremony options at affordable costs since so many couples consider celebrating their big day abroad. Every couple planning a destination wedding should consider the following factors.

Your budget: The first thing to ring in your mind

This is the most crucial stage to put in mind. Come to think of it, there is nothing worse than planning a supposedly good wedding in a very stunning location and then realizing that the people who mean most to you won’t be able to join you.

When reviewing the cost of a destination wedding also, put in mind that your friends and family will also be bombarding out savings to accompany you. Research all the resorts that will work within your budget and within what friends and family budgets will accommodate.

budget is very important in planning a dream wedding destination

Select your destination wedding dress according to the location and climate

Different destinations have different climatic conditions; therefore, considering selecting your destination wedding dress is the best option ever.

Because you don’t want to look out of place either it does not mean you should kill your ballgown dreams just because you have selected your ceremony to be on a beach. Consider a dress that is appropriate for the ceremony and the change for your welcome.

You may decide to change your dress three times, from the ceremony to the reception to a going-away outfit. You should choose a dress that is appropriate for the climate of your destination wedding.

Remember selecting your wedding destination on a beach does not require a heavy wedding dress because you will sweat before you even walk down the walkway.

Have a prior visit to the destination wedding

Whether you have been at your destination wedding before or not, always make sure you have a prior visit to the destination either before your wedding or arrive a week before your wedding.

This will allow you plenty of time to iron out any last-minute wedding plans as well as enjoy some pre-wedding cossetting. Also having a prior visit will enable you to review the venues, the details such as securing the vendors, finalizing the menu and considering seating arrangements.

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Be careful when choosing your theme

Destination weddings are associated with an amazing array of locations you can pick for your special day. But you should not expect a full-on Arabic or Indian wedding if you are planning your wedding destination in America.

Learn to embrace your wedding destination’s culture and customs even if you will have to infuse the traditions of your culture into that big day.

Account for any extra cost that might be incurred

Remember to account for any extra cost such as welcome bags for guests, flights and accommodation costs regardless of whether many wedding destinations help keep the budget down.

Hire a professional planner

A local professional planner is very helpful when planning your destination wedding and when you need to really stretch your budget.

A professional wedding planner will help maximize your budget in order to realize the vision of your wedding. Having a local professional wedding planner with local knowledge and one who can speak the local language will relieve a huge amount of stress when planning your destination wedding.

A few high-end hotels usually offer wedding services for free so you might choose your wedding ceremony to be in a resort, but if you are not, consider getting a professional wedding planner on board before you make all the bookings.

Local wedding planners who have contacts, language skills, and negation leverage may help your big time and save you from making costly mistakes or even help you find the most amazing venue you never knew about.

Research legal paperwork requirements

Before you begin planning your destination wedding, check the legal and paperwork requirements for the place you selected for your wedding. Some countries may be more straightforward, for instance, countries like France require you to be a resident in the country forty days before your wedding day.

On the other hand, it may be easier to have a civil wedding ceremony at home first and organize the wedding day as a blessing to make paperwork a little easier.

this picture shows a garden wedding as a wedding destination

Remember there will be the honeymoon moments

In many ways, you might not be able to relax and enjoy your gorgeous wedding destination during your wedding since the wedding weekend is always hectic so the honeymoon is a way to really seal all these beautiful memories as some people might want to head out to a new location


Planning a wedding in your own back garden can be a hectic affair. However, when you plan your special wedding day as the location is far, it may cause a few headaches if you are not organized.

Whether you have a professional wedding planner or not, staying on top of vendors, venue managers and coordinators are a key. Also, when you have a wedding notebook and folder is a huge help in keeping everything together, from venue contracts to invitation samples and brochures.