Guide to Planning a Tree Service Anniversary

this is a beginner's guide to planning anniversaries

Anniversaries mark another special milestone in a couple’s life and it is no surprise to find them wanting to celebrate another year of the relationship. Some couple opts to celebrate with a private dinner-for-two while others— especially those hitting the 10th or 25th-year mark—prefer to celebrate with a bigger crowd. My husband celebrated the 25th anniversary of his tree service elk grove company.

Whether a couple wants to have an intimate celebration or one shared with friends and family, the preparation and logistics involved are almost similar, save for sending out invitations and multiplying the capacity of the venue, and other elements that need adjusting once the party grows.

Planning Anniversaries

Date and Time

Whether it is your anniversary or you’re organizing it for another couple, setting the date is one of the most important aspects of celebrations. Do you want to celebrate it at the exact date or push it back a little to avoid conflicting schedules? Settle this first before moving forward. Set a time to finalize if it will be a brunch, afternoon tea, or dinner affair.


For an intimate dinner, a fancy restaurant or wine place is ideal to ensure privacy and exclusive ambiance. As for parties, be sure to book a venue that can accommodate the number of guests for the party.


Food is often the highlight of any celebration so be sure to serve food that the couple would love to have and share with their guests. Decide if you want it to be plated, buffet-style, or pass-around type.


For intimate anniversaries, the ones present in the celebration are either the couple only or their kids (if any). The couple can also spend the night-out as a date for two. For bigger parties, determining the number of guests is a must because the venue, food, and program will have to cater to the total number of people who will attend.


Decide on a theme too. Let invites know if the party is formal or themed. Examples of themed parties include Tropical Beach theme, movie-inspired, or period-dated (80’s, 90’s, etc).

this image shows theme as a beginner's guide to planning anniversaries


Send out save-the-dates or invites ahead of time to make sure guests can make time for the party. Gentle follow them up to RSVP so you can have a running total of confirmed guests.


For bigger parties, a program is often set to make the event livelier. Book performers (singers, musicians) and add in a few fun games to make the atmosphere more relaxed. Video tributes and messages from guests celebrating the years of the couple’s relationship can be presented here. For intimate dinners, the “program” can include the fine-dining part followed by a fancy dessert or a late-night movie.

Nail planning anniversary activities with ease by getting the main elements above right. Be sure to work closely with the couple to figure out their preferences for the big day.