Indian Wedding Planning Tips

Indian wedding planning is the most tiresome process. It can consume all your good time and make one have sleepless nights as well as giving you dark circles before your wedding day. You should make sure your planning remains on the right track throughout.

During this process, every bride has some level of stress and chances are that the stress might even carry over to your wedding day. You can eliminate any breakout moment before and during your wedding weekend since you might not want the stress to be seen on your face by your guests and also to come through the photos or videos of your wedding weekend.

this image shows a picture of an Indian wedding ceremony

One thing with Indian wedding is that brides always want to dive in straight away without actually making a perfect plan of the wedding. Maybe this could be because brides are so excited and they are all smart and want to get all things done, but put in mind there are too many things going on in and coming at you from different directions that might face you if you fail to plan your perfect wedding.

Planning An Indian Wedding

If you plan well, everything will work in your favor. Here are some tips that will help you in planning your Indian wedding:

Decide your wedding day early in advance

The most crucial and most important aspect is deciding when your wedding day will be before you start the planning procedure. Consider things like the season you would prefer.

this picture shows an Indian bride for an Indian wedding ceremony

Consider your wedding budget

There different types of events in Indian weddings such as Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet, and cocktail, so plan all the events you want to organize.

You need to make a strict decision from the start to avoid going overboard with your finances this will really help you. Decide all your budget for every ceremony that will be held during your D-day. Prepare a guest list to each exclusive event as it will help you manage your budget properly while deciding on a venue.

Delegate the responsibilities to your family members and friends

Here you will be required to allocate even the lowliest tasks to friends and family members. You can write a task, for example, when you are taking photos after the wedding, that tells your sister, bridesmaid or maid of honor to bring your makeup bag to the photo location.

Some venues offer their coordinators but they usually don’t cover minor tasks that are not related to venue arrangements, so you can allocate a task like say if a box needs to be moved from one point to another someone should be responsible for moving that box.

Allocate someone to be a point person

One could be on the bride’s side and one on the groom’s side.

Most Indians will always ask questions like where the events are, the start of the events and how they should get to the events even if their family members and friends have all the information, so it is important to make your guests feel like they have all the information they need.

So, your point person will address all the issues that might come up. Assign someone among your friends or family members to take care of the gifts received during the wedding, remember to inform him/her about the same in advance.

this image shows an Indian groom and Indian bride for an Indian wedding ceremony planning

Put all the uncontrollable issues that might arise in mind

Although you can’t control what is out of your control it is good to have a backup a friend once experienced frustration during their wedding since the electricity went off during the cocktail hour.

There was no AC and nobody knew what to do. So, everything went into a standstill., so put measures in hand to counter such issues.


Having everything in place, it’s time now to try all your wedding outfits before your wedding. Try all your outfits with shoes, jewelry, chunni’s. After getting ready in your outfit you can walk around, sit down stand up.

This will enable to spot an annoying piece of embroidery that sticks out on the inside part of an outfit, also your shoes, might not feel right when you walk more than ten steps. This is the high time to make all these things fixed. You may also rehearse the dance moves from your sangeet ceremony, this would be a better idea to practice it once in your outfits to ensure a grateful performance.

Ensure you pack each event’s outfit in its own bag. This needs to be done separately to make sure that each event’s outfit, including clothes and jewelry, are gathered separately. This way, there will be no confusion about which jewelry to wear and there is also less room for something to get lost or misplaced.